CASE STUDY – Accenture – Diffusers

Accenture Innovation Centre, 7 Hanover Quay

Accenture at night

Project Details

Design and supply of diffusers to serve existing fan coil units meeting Engineers requirements regarding performance and Architects requirements for aesthetics.
Design and supply of kitchen ventilation system was also required and is examined in a separate case study.

The building was supplied as a Class A fit out but with services remaining from the previous tenant, including fan coil units.
To minimize cost and fit-out time, the existing infrastructure and services were reworked to accommodate the new layout and Client requirements.

Diffuser above ceiling grid The new design has many services exposed.
To allow the existing fan coil units to be used, Entropic supplied a special diffuser to ensure there would be no risk of draught.
The diffuser is an active type, changing profile according to air temperature, yet without requiring any power supply. The diffuser also allows a reasonable throw distance, despite the lack of suspended ceiling.

Accenture board room

Board room with diffusers visible above open grid ceiling

All parties (Engineer, Mechanical Contractor and ourselves) worked closely together to allow the fit-out to be completed within in a very short programme period.
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