CASE STUDY – Henkel – Laboratory Fume Hood Control

Henkel Ireland Operations and Research Ltd.

Henkel Laboratory Tallaght

Project Details

Design and supply and commissioning of fume cupboard airflow management system.
Project goals:

  • Replace fume cupboard individual fan systems with single extract fan (and accompanying standby fan) running as a constant pressure, variable air volume (VAV) system
  • Provide control system to monitor and display fume cupboard extract volumes and face velocities
  • Warn operator if fume cupboard extract in not operational
  • Maintain laboratory room pressurisation profile whatever the fume cupboard operational condition by controlling the laboratory supply air and general extract air
  • Design and provide make-up air handling unit, duty 8.5m3/s, to serve laboratories
  • Limit number of operational fume cupboards at any one time to 14 (out of 30) and integrate with Building Management System (BMS) for feedback

Key figures:

Number of fume cupboards: 30
Number of extract fans: 1
Number of laboratories: 6
Number of VAV dampers: 52 (30 fume hood, 11 supply air, 9 general extract and 2 constant volume)
Face velocity / air volume per hood: Constant 0.5m/s velocity; extract volume 0.423m3/s (when fully open), dropping to approx. 0.04m3/s (when sash fully down)
Fume hood VAV damper material: PVC

Monitoring the face velocity of at the fume cupboard, the hood damper and accompanying control system quickly adjust to accommodate the sash opening and closing.
The system was retrofitted into Henkel’s existing fume hoods, replacing the existing analog and digital individual controls.

Henkel laboratory Henkel laboratory
Large laboratory with 10 fume cupboards Laboratory with 6 fume cupboards
Penthouse showing fume extract dampers
Service penthouse containing fume cupboard VAV dampers

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