Fire Dampers and Control System

The Entropic Smoke Control System for fire dampers and smoke control dampers is a highly flexible and cost-effective system that is easy to install, commission and operate.

Significant wiring savings:

A single cable with 3 cores (24v AC, ground and communications) carries both power to each damper and communication signals from the central controller.
As a result, mains power is not required to be independently supplied to each damper. Power isĀ supplied to the 3-core cable every ten dampers or every 100 metres (via fused spur and 24vĀ transformer).
This can lead to a reduction of up to 90% on wiring, yielding savings in the region of 50% of the cost of the system installation.

No limitations…

…on number of dampers
…on number of zones/fire cells
…on number of inputs/outputs to/from fire alarm panel, BMS, smoke detectors, etc
…on number of programmable fire strategies
…on wiring topology (e.g. star, ring, parallel, series and combination are compatible)
Each damper individually monitored and controlled
Entropic Fire Damper Control System
Wiring schematic for Entropic control and monitoring system

Identical solutions for all system sizes

Easily expandable from small to large systems

Simplified installation and commissioning

Dampers delivered to site with control modules pre-attached
Reduced fault-finding on-site – dampers and controllers pre-tested
Electrical contractor provided with quick connectors to terminate wiring at each damper
Simply plug in to activate and power up
On site labour for testing and commissioning is included in the quotation for the system

Proven experience

Aerial view of New South Glasgow HospitalHundreds of sites controlling thousands of dampers in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

The system is used to manage over 3,100 dampers with over 700 fire strategies on our largest project to date, the New South Glasgow Hospital.

Other Irish reference sites:

  • Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2 Grand Canal Plaza, Dublin, Ireland
  • Abbott Diagnostic Division, Longford, Ireland
  • Merck Millipore Pilot Plant, Cork, Ireland
  • Ballina District Hospital, Ireland
  • Ardmore Nursing Home, Dublin, Ireland
  • Blake Manor Nursing Home, Galway, Ireland

…and many more.